Company Overview

As the leader in litigation support solutions and an innovator in the field of deposition technology, Veritext has taken over 1.2 million depositions with over 300,000 attorneys.

We created the first web portal for transcripts and exhibits, the first virtual remote deposition platform, the first truly interactive mobile scheduling, and have patented exhibit management technology.  So it’s no surprise that Veritext is leading the industry again – by creating a brand new category of legal software in LawStudio.

LawStudio is an all-in-one workspace for attorneys and support staff that is simple, yet powerful. It allows all members on a case to share, organize and easily access case information and files securely, from any location, at any time.

LawStudio was developed after working with hundreds of thousands of attorneys and listening to the technology challenges they face every day. Our usability experts worked alongside attorneys and their staff, listened closely to their needs, observed how they worked, and developed LawStudio as a result.

With LawStudio, users can manage case information from discovery to deposition to trial. It is a litigation toolkit for case documents that is intuitive and easy to use. And, with its integration with other software and service providers, certain documents are automatically available. No uploading needed!

The best part…our experts continue to work closely with users on a daily basis to ensure that LawStudio provides the most up-to-date technology and resources needed to effectively and securely manage case information.

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